Monday, November 7, 2011

K9 Training Grant Funding

Myself and two other K9 trainers are looking to start a K9 training facility. I am looking for any grants that would help us buy land (if I cannot get it donated), build the facility and purchase training materials. We want to train K9s for homeland security, law enforcement agencies and individuals with special needs. Are there any grants out there that could get us in the fight?

Sounds like you have a good project that would really benefit law enforcement. As far as grants go, your state Homeland Security and JAG grants may be able to cover some or all of the costs involved. Each state has different funding priorities. There may also be some grants available through private or corporate foundations as well. For this type of project, you need to establish a detailed budget before moving forward so you have an idea of what kind of funding you need.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Grant Funding for an Invention

I need expertise for an innovation with a military application, the grant would cover development, patenting and prototype expenses.

You need to contact your local Small Business Administration Office. They will be able to guide you to the appropriate loans and venture capital development for your product.

Policegrantshelp mission is to serve law enforcement only. Since I do not know your state just search for your local SBA Office.

SBA will also be able to guide you to your state contacts for this process.

ICAC Funding

I am researching grants and funding available to target predators that target children online in our community. I have undercover experience working with juveniles and have a lot of Intel gathered that would support putting together this program locally in conjunction with outside agencies set up to do the same project. I am currently researching and hopefully going to write up a formal proposal but want to research grants and funding options before presenting it to the brass.

Can you help point me in the right direction? I want to jump in but not sure where to start. I have never written a grant or know where to start looking and how to write/obtain one.

Thank you for your concern and commitment for our children!

There is a federal program you might want to consider for your work. This is the primary federal funding for this area of crime.

·Project Safe Childhood

·Internet Crimes against Children taskforce, which is a partner to the Project Safe Childhood program.

All of the following organizations are partners in this initiative and may be able to bring resources to the table for funding. The non-governmental organizations that will work alongside our federal, tribal, state, and local partners include the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, Child Help, Darkness to Light, Girls Education and Mentoring Services, Inc., Enough is Enough, i-Safe, Kristi House, Inc., Nevada Child Seekers, Paul Lisa Program, Inc., Web Wise Kids, San Diego Police Foundation, Self Reliance Foundation, Washtenaw Area Council for Children, INOBTR, TechMission Youth Program, PROTECT, and many others.

Attached is a matrix of laws pertaining to internet crimes against children.

In the State of Washington you need to connect with the Seattle Police Department who is the led agency on Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force,

For Information on creating a federal grant application please visit